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These articles are intended to aid you in your study of Biblical leadership, Christian ministry, and other subjects related thereto. They are written by a variety of authors from various business and religious backgrounds. We have found good teaching and application in each article even though we may not necessarily agree with everything that is written. We are taking for granted that you are a mature church leader who can "rightly divide" the Word of God and can separate the wheat from the chaff. If you find an article that you believe should not be included on our site please contact us with your comments. To submit articles for publication in the Leadership Library, please forward your article via e-mail to Leadership Library.
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"Restoration 21: Challenges & Realities" Series
by Christian Chronicle:

NEW The Crux of the Matter: Crisis, Tradition and the Future of Churches of Christ

NEW Reconnecting Our Lost Identity

NEW Not ‘One in Christ’: The Challenge of Racism in the Church

NEW Campus Ministry: past & future

NEW The Community church Trend - Part I of II

NEW The Community church Trend - Part II of II

NEW Worthy is our Worship?: The Crux of the Battle for Worship Renewal

NEW Worthy is our Worship?: Engaging the Intellect and Touching the Heart

NEW Our Search for Wonder in a Broken World

NEW Concerning Women

NEW Restoration Articles by Earlier Leaders

NEW Restoration Articles by Contemporary Authors

NEW Restoration Articles Index - Transcribed and Edited by Ernie Stefanik

NEW Restoration Movement Debates

NEW Histories of Local Congregations

NEW Restoration Biographies

NEW Restoration Links

NEW Restoration Portraits


Abraham Lincoln: Leader for all Ages
by Edwin Meese, Former Attorney General

Biblical Characteristics of a Christian Leader
by J. Hampton Keathley III

Christian Fellowship
by J. Hampton Keathley III

NEW Christian Leadership Articles
by Phil Van Auken

Church Discipline
by J. Hampton Keathley III

NEW Church Leadership Articles I
by Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

NEW Church Leadership Articles II
by Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

Holding On To Your Integrity
by Archie Luper

NEW How One Church Grew Larger and Smaller at the Same Time
by Buddy Bell

How to Lead Anyone Anywhere
By Dr. John C. Maxwell

Influence in High Places
by Bob Briner

Is Spiritual Mentoring a Biblical Idea?
by Lynn Anderson

by Paul Winslow

Leaders on the Business End of Discipline
by Daniel B. Wallace

Leading a Small Church
by Archie Luper

Let Their Fingers Do The Walking
by David Parks

Make Way For The Microchurch!
by Nicki Reno

Mentoring #1
by Lynn Anderson

No Hesitation
by Randall Matheny

Old Testament Leadership
by Art Mealer

Restoration and Models of the Church
by Dr. Norman Parks

Reversing Ten Years of Decline: Church Growth Analysis
by John Knox

Should a Christian Set Goals?
by Daniel B. Wallace

Silence Can Be Lethal
by Dan Reiland

Six Secrets for Introducing Successful Change in Your Church
by Charles Arn

Stepping Out of the Shadow of a Giant
by Phil Ware

Strong Mentors to Show Us How to Live
by Lynn Anderson

The Important Things Are Always Simple
by Dennis Crawford

The Measure of a New Testament Church
by J. Hampton Keathley III

The New Testament Church—Its Leadership
by Robert Deffinbaugh

The Right Time for Leadership
by Archie Luper

Three Basic Requirements for Church Leaders
by Archie Luper

What It Takes to Lead the Church
by Daniel B. Wallace

When All Eyes Look To You
by Bill Denton

Who Sharpens Them? The Need For Accountability Relationships Among Leaders
by Brian Onken

Why Be a Leader?
by by J.J. Turner

Working Smart
by John Maxwell


Defining the Lord's Purpose for the Church
by Archie Luper

Detailing the Current Situation - Part I
by Earl Lavender

Detailing the Current Situation - Part II
by Earl Lavender

Formulating a "Plan for Planning"
by Earl Lavender

Outside Demographic Resources
by Archie Luper

Purpose Driven Church Model: Can It Work for You?
by John W. Ellas

The Role of Vision in the Church
by Archie Luper

Values Assessment and Its Role in the Planning Process of the Church
by Archie Luper

Why Discover the Values?
by Aubrey Malphurs

Why You Need a Written Commitment to Planning
by Archie Luper

Writing a Mission Statement
by Earl Lavender

A Case for the Plurality of Elders
by Daniel B. Wallace

Biblical Eldership: Restoring the Eldership to It's Rightful Place in the Church
by Alexander Strauch

Deacons and the Leadership of the Church
by Daniel B. Wallace

It Shall Not Be So Among You
by Dr. Norman Parks

Jesus vs the Eldership
by Dr. Norman Parks

Qualifications for Evaluation of Elders and Deacons
by J. Hampton Keathley III

Rediscovering the Past: Biblical Eldership in Light of Scripture and History
by Patrick Brennan

Servant Leadership and Eldership
by Ray Stedmam

The Need for Godly Elders
by Ron Ritchie

The Need for Pastoring Elders
by Ron Ritchie

The Need for Teaching Elders
by Ron Ritchie

Shepherd of Souls (Richard Baxter)
by Bo Salisbury


How Much $ Should Your Church Spend And On What?
by Dr. Dan Reiland

What Attitude Does Your Church Have Toward Money?
Dr. Dan Reiland

You'll Get More When You Ask For Less
by Dr. Dan Reiland


A Successful Church Planting
by Brett Pharr

NEW Missons in the 21st Century - Part I
by Ted Parks for the Christian Chronicle

NEW Missons in the 21st Century - Part II
by Bob Davidson for the Christian Chronicle

NEW Missons in the 21st Century - Part III
by Bob Davidson for the Christian Chronicle

Report on the Puerto Rico Leadership2000 Retreat
by Archie Luper

What A Missionary Has A Right To Expect From His Sponsoring Church
by Edward Short, World Christian Broadcasting


Light the Fire (Revival Series #1)
by Archie Luper

If My People Will Humble Themselves (Revival Series #2)
by Archie Luper

Pray and Seek His Face (Revival Series #3)
by Archie Luper

What Has Happened to the Church?
by Archie Luper


NEW ABC's of Church Budgeting
by David R. Pollock

A Biblical Philosophy of Ministry
by J. Hampton Keathley III

NEW Adult Bible Study and Church Growth
by Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.

A Lesson in Chemistry
by Dan Reiland

NEW Assimilation, Reclamation, and Church Growth
by Thom S. Rainer

NEW Barna Research Archives
by George Barna

NEW Church Administration Articles
by Phil Van Auken

Commitment: Playing First String on God's Team
by Archie Luper

NEW Current Trends 2000
by George Barna

Every Member With a Ministry
by Archie Luper

Fearful Fred - Turning the Timid into Teammates
By Dr. John C. Maxwell

NEW Flake's Five-Fold Formula Leading to Church Growth
by Arthur Flake

NEW Growth and Assimilation
by Flavil R. Yeakley

Life and Growth in Every Member
by Earl Lavender

Moving Through Ministry Danger Zones
by Dan Reiland

Multiplying Ministry
by Dan Jocoy

NEW Pastorial Compensation
by Gary L. McIntosh

Prioritizing Your People
by John Maxwell

NEW Staff Your Church For Growth
by Gary L. McIntosh

Starting a Church Library
by Ron Maness

The Basics of Team Ministry
by Dan Reiland

The Jethro Principle
by Archie Luper

NEW The Most Amazing Statistic
by Milton Jones

The New Testament Church—Its Ministry
by Robert Deffinbaugh

The Power of Teams
by Greg Warner

They Will Commit
Dr. Dan Reiland

What You Need To Know About People
by John Maxwell

What Your People Need To Know About You
by John Maxwell

NEW When Not To Build
by Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall

When Your Church Wants to Take It's Pulse
by Lynn Anderson


NEW Can We Revive Evangelism to What We Once Knew?
by Clayton Pepper

Five Principles of New Testament Evangelism
by Clayton Pepper

Friendship Evangelism: The Kind Everybody Can Practice
by Clayton Pepper

Numerical Growth in the Theology of Acts
by John Mark Hicks

The Goal Is Always One More For Christ
by Clayton Pepper

NEW Views of Evangelism
by Flavil R. Yeakley

NEW Where Does Church Growth Begin?
by Clayton Pepper

Outreach Choices
by John Ellas


Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton
by Al Rogers

Grace: Why It’s So Amazing and Awesome
by J. Hampton Keathley III


Anxious People and A Sovereign God
by Greg Herrick

The Attributes of God
a series by Robert Deffinbaugh

The Names of God
by J. Hampton Keathley III


NEW Churches with or of Small Groups
by Gayle Crowe

NEW Small Groups in a Rural, Traditional Church
by Kevin R. Ward

NEW What Is the Future for Small Groups?
by John W. Ellas


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